About us

Golfline that's us, Werner and Monika Dirtl

Playing golf is our hobby - for 15 years now, most of our free time has revolved around relaxed rounds of golf with nice flight partners. And our holidays have changed too: where can we find nice golf courses? Preferably in Italy, sometimes in Spain and of course also in Austria.

How did the idea for our gloves come about?

Very simple! Again and again we noticed that there are only leather golf gloves for men and these mostly only in white and black. No colours, no patterns! And for the ladies, too, the selection of colourful gloves is very limited.

So why not create your own golf gloves? This was the beginning ...
The result is a collection of premium quality men's and women's gloves for both right-handed and left-handed people. Premiumqualität. And the success proves us right - our gloves are very popular! Colour comes into play to match the respective outfit and style!

Together we have been going through life for more than 30 years - partly also professionally. And now the "Golfline" is the perfect combination of hobby and business. „Golfline“ die perfekte Kombination aus Hobby und Business.

We are happy about golfers who share our passion for golf and colourful design. This is the source of our motivation to develop new designs and thus expand our range.

We are happy to receive suggestions, requests and comments via the contact form on our website.

We wish you colourful rounds of golf!